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This album is dedicated to parents and children everywhere, but especially to my incredible
mother Jeanne Deis who led me to music, to lullabyes (Gretchaninoff, Scott and Carpenter)
and, most particularly, to singing, out of which everything else flowed; to our magnificent
Alexandra, my daily inspiration and cheerful noodge; and, of course, to fabulous Karl, the
consummate discerning listener and tireless enthusiast.

Recorded January 31, February 1 and 2, 2006 at Christ Episcopal Church,
Poughkeepsie, New York, by Jeremy Gerard
Edited, mixed, and mastered by Jeremy Gerard at Gurari Studios, NYC

Special thank-yous to my great friend David Alpher and to the wonderful Jörg and
Magda Schnass, Douglas Riva, Randy and Agnes White, Cornelius and Donna S. Reid
and Arne O. Finberg.

© Alexxandra Records, 2006 ADL 24
For information on Lila Deis and Alexxandra Records, as well as transliterations
of these classic lullabyes, please visit www.liladeis.com.
Alexxandra Records
83 Washington Place
New York, NY 10011

Lila Deis: Jeanne Deis
David Alpher: Michael Gold/The Corporate Image
Baby: Mom
Design direction: Michael Kelly Designs (mkelly@pratt.edu)

Made in USA

“The pleasure
derived from the singing of soprano Lila Deis was of the sort not often found in New York concert halls.”
- The New York Times